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Common Problems with Garage Door Openers

Common Problems with Garage Door Openers
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We live in a society where convenience is a priority. A couple of decades ago, turning the TV on required one to get in front of the television and press the power button. Today, you can just recline on the sofa and turn it on with the remote control. The same is true with opening and closing garage doors.

There was a time when garage door openers were uncommon. Today however, you can rarely see a garage without a door opener installed on its door. Although they live up to their promise of convenience, door openers can be a real headache when they malfunction, especially when you are in a hurry or when it’s raining hard and you need to drive the car into the garage.

Sensor Problems

Common Problems with Garage Door OpenersWhen garage doors malfunction, the most common culprit is the sensor. All door openers built after 1993 are equipped with a safety device to eliminate the threat of having the doors close on a person. This is made possible through sensors. The sensor will not allow the door to close if something is blocking it. Herein lies the problem - the sensor will not allow the door to work even if it is just a leaf that is blocking them.

When your door is not closing, check the sensors. If you are seeing a red light, clear out any obstructions including dust and dirt on the lenses. It would also be wise to make sure that the sensors are facing each other.

There may come a time when even this will not suffice. When you find yourself in such a situation, it is best that you get in touch with our specialists in Garage Door Repair Midvale. You may be in need of garage door repair or garage door sensor replacement.

Remote Control Problems

Another problem you could encounter is a garage opener remote that is not working. If the garage door keypad is working perfectly but you cannot open the door with the clicker, then the problem is definitely with the remote. Check the battery - it would be wise to replace it regularly. If it is not working, you may need to look into reprogramming the remote.

Garage door openers are not perfect, but are bound to break down in time. The good thing is that these are not permanent problems but one that can be addressed appropriately

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