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Quiet down the noisy overhead door

Overhead garage door parts are noisy when they are not lubricated well. Since, they are made of steel, when they come in contact with each other they create friction. If they are lubricated and still noisy, call our esteemed technicians for garage door repair.

Get belt drive openers

If you love silence, get belt drive garage door openers. They are equally strong as chain drive openers and come out in numerous models by all major manufacturers. They might be a bit more expensive but they are worth it, since your garage door is noisy enough as it is.

Get the right glass panels

Each home has different needs and homeowners' opinions vary. Yet, when it comes to glass panels – for either garage windows or glass garage doors – it's usually preferable to get milk glass in order to ensure your privacy. You can also get insulated panels and good frames.

Always be careful when handling the electronic parts of a door opener

Prudence is a must when handling the electronic components of electric garage door openers. You have to unplug the power supply before touching anything. There are different ways of handling different brands of door openers, from Chamberlain to Genie and Liftmaster, so refer to their respective manuals.

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